Pet Food made with vegetable products, offering more attractive and tasty for your pet, Doogs Bone, daily treat for your dog, besides a proof of caress that it will never forget.

Check out our complete range, may vary the daily menu of your dog, or provide that they prefer.

Packing: 250g


Wheat Flour, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sodium Erythorbate.


Bone 2/3" 250g
Bone 3/4'' 250g
Bone 4/5" 250g


Nutrients Content
Moisture (máx.) 300g/kg 
Crude Protein (mín.) 50g/kg
Ether Extract (mín.) 5000mg/kg
Crude Fiber (máx.) 100g/kg
Mineral Matter (máx.) 70g/kg 
Calcium (mín.) 30.000.00mg/kg 
Calcium (máx.)  20g/kg 
Phosphorus (mín.) 30.000.00mg/kg 


Your pet is our inspiration!

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