Doogs – Sachet for Dogs Chicken Flavor is a complete wet food for adult dog, the newest and most delicious way to feed your dog with more health. Made with carefully selected ingredients, Doogs Sachet for Dogs Chicken Flavor is much more tasty and therefore irresistible to the palate of dogs.

Packing: 100g


Water, Bovine, Poultry and Swine Offal, Guar Gum, Wheat Flour, Meat Extract, Oatmeal Flour, Canola Oil, Vitamins (E, A, B2, B3, D3, Choline Chloride, Biotin), Sodium Chloride (Common Salt), Potassium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Chicken Aroma Flavor.

Nutrients Content
Moisture (máx.) 820g/kg 
Crude Protein (mín.) 98g/kg
Ether Extract (mín.) 6,2g/kg
Crude Fiber (máx.) 18g/kg
Mineral Matter (máx.) 5,48g/kg 
Calcium (mín.) 1500mg/kg 
Calcium (máx.)  5000mg/kg 
Phosphorus (mín.) 1000mg/kg

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